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ICEshell is a joint venture between international companies DEVCORE, Fourdesire and several information security experts. We focus on software reverse engineering, App security assessment and security protection technology. In response to the Taiwan government's independent R&D policy for information security, we created Taiwan's first indigenous App security product ICEshell.

Cybersecurity issues are becoming more and more important, and we want to enhance the protection of our Apps, but...
  • Most mobile security products ask clients to upload their raw APK/AAB to the cloud, which increases the risk of data leakage.
  • Most mobile security products cannot be integrated with the development environment.
  • The protection process is too complicated, and it is difficult to automate the processes of member login, uploading, protection, downloading, and signing.

Let ICEshell protect the apps you've worked hard to build!
ICEshell - Taiwan No.1 Indigenous Mobile Security Solution

Anti-Static/Dynamic Analysis & Integrity Check

Prevent hackers from tampering with any data and code.

Lighting-fast Integration

No need to provide APK/AAB, the protection can be quickly completed on the local side.

Automatic Protection Process

Quickly encrypt important files and set the secret key by yourself.

Real Time Malicious Attacks Report

Integrate with Firebase to easily view malicious attack reports.

Integration Features

ICEshell is a developer-friendly tool that it can be easily applied to existing apps at any time. It provides many integration features to help developers encrypt their apps and continuously monitor apps' status in real time.

python -i xxx.aab -o xxx_protected.aab
Lighting-fast Integration

It's fast and easy to apply ICEshell into your development process. Just a magical and simple line of command, your apps will be protected and become safe immediately.

python -i xxx.aab -o xxx_protected.aab
Static Analysis Protection

ICEshell protect you from APK tampering and malicious reverse engineering.

  • DEX and SO file protection
  • APK integrity protection
  • JavaScript, Html and Lua code protection
Dynamic Analysis Protection

ICEshell protects you from various dynamics analyses, reporting and reacting immediately once risks are detected.

  • Anti-debugging
  • Anti-memory hacking
  • Emulator detection
  • Root detection
Files Manipulation Protection

Your dynamically generated files are also safe with ICEshell's protection, such as databases, images, and any other important files.

  • APK assets protection
  • Install-time asset protection
  • Dynamic data protection
High compatibility

ICEshell protect your apps comprehensively, which it covers various CPU architectures and Android versions.

  • x86, x86-64, armv7, arm64
  • Android 5~13 supported

ICEshell is verified and adopted to various applications and games with millions of users. We have proved its safety and stability, which can successfully protect apps from being attacked and tampered.

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